Typical Car Applications that Determine the Choice of Clutch Kit

As a car owner, there is no doubt that you will deal with car issues from time to time. Clutch issues are particularly unique, considering the vital role the component plays in the operation of a car. It is for this reason that every car owner should understand what goes on when replacing a malfunctioning clutch. The first step is to understand what type of clutch kit your car needs. Your decision depends on the specifics of your vehicle as well as the present and future use of the vehicle. [Read More]

Six Signs That it's Time to Replace Your Fuel Injection System Parts

Most modern cars use advanced fuel injection systems, whose main component is the fuel injector. While you may rarely experience problems with your fuel injector, it can clog, accumulate dirt and ultimately fail. Once this, happens, you'll require to replace your fuel injection system parts.  Here are five signs to tell when it's time to replace your fuel injection system parts: Engine Misfire When the engine clogs and doesn't get enough fuel spray, it can misfire while driving. [Read More]

5 Simple Steps to Check and Refill Your Power Steering System

Almost all vehicles, except the hybrid and electric cars, use the hydraulic power steering systems. These systems allow drivers to steer the vehicle effortlessly. The system consists of a piston, rack and pinion, and a cylinder that carries the fluid. Low fluid levels make steering difficult and can damage the rack and pinion. It's thus crucial to check these levels and add power steering liquid regularly. Here are five essential steps to check and refill your power steering system: [Read More]