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Essential Accessories for a Refrigerated Delivery Truck

Running a logistics company in the cold chain industry is big business today. The business opportunity can be attributed to the growing demand for cold storage of fresh products. However, you have to invest in refrigerated trucks to succeed in the industry. That said, refrigerated stock trucks are not enough to run a successful cold chain logistics business. You need the right accessories to enhance the performance of your fleet of refrigerated trucks. This article highlights essential accessories for a refrigerated delivery truck.

Wind Deflectors — A refrigerated truck consumes a little bit more fuel than the average truck for two reasons. First, the refrigeration unit is driven by the truck's engine. Second, the weight of the refrigeration machinery and the insulation adds to the truck's total weight. Therefore, it is vital to keep fuel consumption as efficient as possible. One way to achieve this is to eliminate wind drag, and wind deflectors are excellent at this. The add-ons improve a truck's aerodynamic performance. Besides, wind deflectors offer a maintenance-free, fuel-saving performance. A wind deflector can be customised to suit the different models of trucks in your fleet. Further, deflectors can act as advertising space for your business. 

Cart Stop Kit — Loading and offloading palletised cargo on a refrigerated truck is a two-person job on most delivery trucks. The reason is that one person has to hold onto the pallet cart to prevent it from rolling off the platform as the other operates the liftgate. Retrofitting the liftgate with a cart stop kit is the best way to free up some of your staff. However, it would help if you understood that cart stop kits come in different designs. Some models are operated by hand while others need a simple kick of the foot. The best design is the foot-actuate cart stop because all you need to do is kick the latch to bring up the cart stop and keep the cargo secure. 

Strip Curtains — Multi-drop deliveries are part of the cold chain industry, especially if you want to make last-mile distribution part of your strategy. However, opening and closing the truck doors on every delivery destination leads to frequent and near-total loss of cold air. This compromises the temperature inside the truck and puts temperature-sensitive cargo at risk of spoiling. Strip curtains eliminate this problem by ensuring cold air stays in the refrigerated unit, and warm air stays out. The best part is that you can either install the strip curtains on a fixed or sliding railing.

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