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3 Signs Your Car Needs the Attention of a Car Mechanic

While you may carry out some car maintenance such as checking the condition of the tyres, other maintenance practices might require a proficient mechanic. Car problems require the expertise of a certified car mechanic. Fixing car problems yourself can be risky and time-consuming because you may not have specialised tools to do it. Even if the car problem looks a bit minor, you should take your vehicle to a competent mechanic for professional help. Any of the following signs indicate you should take your vehicle to a competent car mechanic.

Strange Noises

If your vehicle makes some weird noises, contact a mechanic to diagnose the problem. Every strange noise indicates the car has developed a particular problem. However, many people ignore some strange noises and eventually end up with some serious auto problems to fix. 

For instance, if the suspension isn't in good shape, the car will make a grinding noise. On the other hand, faulty brake callipers, pads and rotors will cause the car to make some squealing noises, especially when braking. If the car wheels make some droning noise, then the wheel bearings could be in bad shape. When any of the belts become loose, the car will make a whining sound. Your car may still make some other strange noises if the gears are crunching, the exhaust pipe has a hole or the engine is uneven.

Steam or Smoke Emanating from the Bonnet

If you see steam or smoke emanating from the bonnet, you should contact a mechanic to identify the cause. The colour and quantity of the smoke and steam could help the mechanic to know the problem the car has developed. If you see white steam, your vehicle is overheating, and you can perhaps use the temperature gauge to affirm it. 

And although overheating might not seem a significant problem, it's still advisable to take the vehicle to a mechanic. Usually, blue smoke indicates the oil could be burning. So stop the vehicle immediately and tow it to your mechanic's garage. If you don't do so, the engine could be damaged.

Fluid Leaks

A car that's in perfect condition should store fluids like coolant, oil and fuel and use them appropriately. However, any of these fluids could leak if the vehicle has developed a problem. Most of the leakage problems occur when the car isn't serviced regularly. If you find some stains where you had parked your car, some of these fluids could be leaking. Brown or red stains indicate the brake fluid or perhaps the oil is leaking while bright green stains show the coolant is leaking. If you see any of these stains, contact a mechanic to fix the problem in good time.

Your car should offer maximum convenience and make your life enjoyable. But for this to happen, you should always contact a reputable mechanic immediately it develops a problem. Fluid leaks, strange noises and steam and smoke indicate it's time to take your car to a car mechanic.