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The Choice of Headlight Bulbs for Your Truck

Several years ago, getting a new bulb for your commercial truck was a simple process. You would probably walk into a supplier's store, pick the most affordable from a range of two or three bulbs and head out. Today, your options are quite different. Headlight bulbs have come a long way in terms of technology, pricing and the results they deliver. Therefore, choosing a good bulb for your truck's headlight requires a thorough knowledge of the working mechanisms and the outcome of each combination. The following piece walks you through some of the essentials you must know to make the right purchase decision:

Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Halogen headlight bulbs are the pioneers of the efficient lighting systems you see today. They borrow much from their incandescent cousins, meaning that the bulbs come with a thin filament made from tungsten. The filament is housed in a glass capsule full of inert gas, often halogen. The setup provides better lighting than an ordinary incandescent and a long beam that enhances visibility on the road.

Halogen headlight bulbs are renowned for their long life and relatively low cost. Therefore, they are a sensible investment for any commercial truck owner, considering the many hours the truck will spend in transit. When buying, go for narrow strip beam patterns for the best results.

HID Xenon Headlight Bulbs

HID xenon bulbs are a great evolution of previous light bulbs that have seen an improvement in headlight performance for trucks. They are significantly brighter than halogen bulbs, an element that improves overall road visibility. Their characteristic white light offers a great contrast with the dark road surface, enabling the driver to see more clearly. Additionally, the xenon bulbs are available in several colours, making them ideal for truck drivers who are big on aesthetics.

The only downside of HID xenon headlight bulbs is their fragility. They are more susceptible to cracking under extreme heat or slight force.

LED Headlight Bulbs

You can also go for LED headlight bulbs for your truck. Today, LED bulbs are considered the best in the market because they strike a balance between excellent visibility and reduced blinding for other motorists. The is distinctively white, meaning that most of the energy drawn from the electrical system is converted to light rather than heat. This increases the bulb's longevity. Your best bet is to go for LEDs with a fanless design. It uses intelligent cooling techniques to keep the bulb fail-proof and ensure quiet operation.

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