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Should You Have The Flywheel Of Your Truck Resurfaced Or Replaced?

Your commercial truck comprises many components. All these truck parts need to be functioning at optimum or you will invariably end up with one or more issues when your truck is on the road. And when it comes to the clutch, a crucial truck part that requires attention before it malfunctions completely is the flywheel. The flywheel has the primary jobs of firstly ensuring that your truck's crankshaft remains balanced and secondly ensuring that kinetic energy is efficiently transferred from the truck's engine to where it is required, which is the transmission system. Considering the burden that the flywheel has to bear, it is unsurprising that its surface eventually hardens. Depending on whether this hardening is caught early or not, you may seek to resurface it or you may have to opt for truck part replacement. Read on to learn whether you should have the flywheel of your truck resurfaced or replaced.

Resurfacing vs replacing to increase clutch longevity

Once the metal on the surface of the flywheel hardens, it can be resurfaced using two main techniques. The first is cutting away the toughened surface with the use of diamond-tipped equipment, and the second is grinding away the hardened area. Resurfacing not only eliminates the toughened part, but it also restores the smoothness of the flywheel. Thus, since the truck part will not only have any pits or unevenness, it retains its grip with is crucial for the clutch disk. With flywheel resurfacing, you get a more affordable option to restore the functioning of the clutch and subsequently increase its shelf life, rather than having to pay an exorbitant amount of money on the replacement of both these truck parts.

Resurfacing vs replacing to ensure safety

If you have had the clutch of your truck replaced recently, it is crucial to have the flywheel resurfaced for good measure. You may be thinking that a new clutch will ensure optimal performance of your truck, but if the flywheel has toughened, you are still at risk when on the road. Firstly, the hardened flywheel could end up cracking when the truck is on the road. This not only leads to damage to the vehicle but could also pose a threat to both the occupants of the vehicle and other road users. It is worth noting, though, that if the surface of the flywheel toughened considerably while the clutch was in decline, then you will need to replace it. Resurfacing the truck part will only lead to considerable chunks of metal being eliminated, and this will impede the functionality of this component. A reputable mechanic will be best placed to determine how severe the toughening is and what course of action will be best.

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